New properties in Design System Wizard

The following configurations were added/updated in the Design System Wizard:

Step 1: Base Design System: was redesigned.

Now the Base Design System are seen in Big Cards, leaving the preview for the next step.


Step 2: Basic Settings.

Now in the Basic Settings, you have new options:

  • Other Settings.
    • Include GAM security.
    • Include discussions module.
    • Include notifications and subscriptions module.
  • Advanced Settings.
  • Import Design System.


Step 3: Menu and Header Style.

  • Font option was added. 

Step 5: Master Page.

  • Include nofitications > Include notifications and subscriptions module
  • Include discussions module

Step 8: Other style configurations.

  • Grid Style now have a new option: Simple

Step 9: Default instance configurations.

  • Other settings: Now, when the AutoPrompt property = True, you can choose if you want Prompts or DVelop Combos to be assigned for the Foreign Key attributes in the edit forms.
  • Inside 'Update, delete and display actions' the option 'Inside grid' was split into two options: Inside grid (circle) and Inside grid (only icon). 
  • Fix to the Left the actions in grid: you can choose whether to have the actions of update, delete and display (or the ActionGroup) fixed to the left in the list grids

Step 10: Language and Labels configurations.

  • Added the 'Import Design System' button to finish the advanced configuration and to be able to choose if you want to import only the modified objects or re-import everything again.