Improvements in IDE and Real time Preview

In WorkWithPlus for Web 14, we have invested effort in enhancing also the user experience of the GeneXus developer. In this way, we empowered the real-time preview, so that you can make actions directly there using a toolbar and making hover to the controls. Some of these actions are:

  • Insert new controls from the toolbar


  • When positioning the cursor on an element, the selected element will be highlighted. You can choose whether to highlight it permanently, for some seconds, or not highlight it at all


  • Change the title, caption, description of attributes, variables, textblocks, panels, buttons, etc. As you can visualize, each control in the form has a set of options, that is shown when making a hover over the control.


  • Drag & Drop elements within the form, and also in a grid in order to reorder them. As for attributes and variables within a grid, you can easily change the alignment of the column, the look & feel of that column, or its title, among other features.