WorkWithPlus for VideoCall License Key

To use our user control, a license key must be generated. This key is different than the one obtained for the Sinch platform.

Smart devices user control Key

Different keys must be provided for different applications.

To get the key, the user must contact support, and provide both "Apple bundle Identifier" and "Android package name"

Apple bundle Identifier:


Android package name:




Once a valid license key is obtained, it must be used in the mobile user control, through the property: 'DVelopKey' 

Check Video calls on mobile for more details.


Web user control Key

To get the key, the user must contact support, and provide "Java package name" or ".Net Application namespace" and the Web panel's Qualified Name (full name, including modules)

If a .NET generator is used, the "Namespace" must be obtained:


If a JAVA generator is used, the "package name": 



In any case, the web panel's Qualified Name where the user control will be used must also be provided:


Trial limitations

A trial mode can be enabled in both web and SD user controls.

This trial mode allows video calls of up to 60 seconds. After that, the video call will be terminated.

The trial mode in video calls for Web can be enabled simply by leaving the property 'Key' empty

For the SD user control, a special Trial Key must be requested to by providing both "Apple bundle Identifier" and "Android package name", as explained before.