Business Design

Design concept

This design was introduced in SmartDevicesPlus 4.

It is a design that follows the tendency of Flat designs, and it is characterized by using more simple and clean templates.

This design does not support Dark Mode.

Default configuration

This design uses by default the following configuration:

  • Color palette: Blue; Light style.
  • Home: Simple with banner and options, with tabs and application bar always visible; Onboarding is enabled.
  • Menu: Simple menu with icons.
  • Security: Simple login: Register with an account.
  • Fields design: Labels position is 'Left Open'; Data sections flat; Edit fields with underline


BusinessThemeImg1 BusinessThemeImg2


BusinessThemeImg3 BusinessThemeImg4

The “Business” Theme contains the following templates:


  • Title
  • Title and subtitle
  • Image with title and subtitle
  • Multiple information
  • Filtered information


  • Data display
  • Display with sections


  • Data edit
  • Edit with sections


  • Area
  • Pie


  • Login


  • Simple menu
  • Menu with icons


  • Web browser
  • GX Image gallery
  • Map of elements
  • Mobile Dynamic Form
  • Signature Pad
  • User Information

By using the "Design System Wizard", you can customize the color of this theme and use the specific
palette needed for your project.