Issues Resolved (v14 Upgrade #3.4)

Release date: Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Error setting Load Data property to values: "After Filtering" or "After Pressing Search Button"

Issue 11716

The Load Data property does not work with the values: "After Filtering" or "After Pressing Search Button" when the List Panel is in a Module and the transaction is in another Module (different from Root Module).

The output displays: "Error executing Template: SelectionConditions.dkt". 

Issue with Empowered grids in GX 17 U8

Issue 11717

In GeneXus 17 U8 when an empowered grid (i.e.: grid with reordered or freezed columns) refreshes it displays the grid incorrectly for a few milliseconds.

In order to solve this, you only need to replace the Javascript associated with the User Control 'GridEmpowerer' (this is done automatically by GeneXus when making Build of the application after upgrading WorkWithPlus for Web version).