Load the grid data after filtering or pressing 'Search' (v14 Upgrade #3)

WorkWithPlus for Web 14 Upgrade #3 provides the possibility to define when to load the grid of a List object.

In order to do this, there is a new property in the main node of the Lists named 'Load Data', which contains three possible values: 'On page load', 'After filtering' and 'After pressing Search button'.

On page load

This is the behavior for previous versions of WorkWithPlus for Web and loads the data from the grid when entering the page as shown. Also, this is the default value for this property.


After filtering

When we have the Load Data property with 'After filtering', when entering the page, the grid will not load, it will do so after we perform a search in our filters. If you clean all the filters, the grid will return to the initial state (empty).


After pressing Search button

The second option that was added is 'After press Search button'. For this it is necessary to have the Standard Action Search on the page, then, after inserting some data in a filter, press the Search button to load the grid applying the filters fulfilled. If you clean all the filters and press 'Search', the grid will load the records.



This property can be selected from the main node of the List.