Conditional Formatting or Tag Filters (v14 Upgrade #3)

In WorkWithPlus for Web 14 Upgrade #3, the end-users will be able to filter in a List object by the conditions of the Conditional Formatting added to the grid or column, and also by the conditions of a column tag.

If the Conditional Formatting is applied to the grid with type row, the filter will be included in the 'Manage Filters' option:


If the Conditional Formatting is applied to the grid in badge type or is applied to a column, the filter will be included in the Title Filter of the column:



The same happens for Column Tags:


In order to have this feature enabled, when editing the Conditional Formatting or the Column Tags, two new columns will appear: 'Include filter' and 'Filter caption':


Just check 'Include filter' and then set in 'Filter caption' the title that you want to be displayed as the description of the filter.

Also, there is a new property for each Format in order to define the icon that is displayed next to each filter. This property is located in the configuration of each format (WorkWithPlus for Web Settings > Grid Node > Properties 'Row Conditional Formatting Options' and 'Text Tag Options'), and is named 'Filter icon class':