Issues Resolved (v14 Upgrade #3)

Error when adding a new Icon Tag Option in WorkWithPlus Settings

Issue 11667

When trying to add a new Icon Tag Option from WorkWithPlus Settings --> General Properties --> Grid --> Icon Tag Options, an error appears, and the new icon can't be saved.

Functionality key of view tab not added in data provider

Issue 11665

When adding a Functionality key to a tab of a View, this functionality is not added to the data provider when you do "Impact Metadata"

Date Picker not considering Monday as the first day of the week

Issue 11664

When setting "First day of week = Monday" on the KB environment generator settings, the WorkWithPlus Date Picker and Date Range Picker are not considering that property properly.

Date Picker not showing with custom language

Issue 11663

When having a custom language, the date picker and date range pickers don't work.

By default, if you have a custom language, the Date Picker will use the English language. To customize it, a User Control must be created as explained in the following link: How to use Date Picker when having a custom language

Totalizers with Conditional formatting with column tag in grid

Issue 11660

Totalizers doesn't work with Conditional formatting with column tag in grid 

Totalizers are not displayed on the grid.

List object with Enum parameter of Character type and import Standard Action

Issue 11659

When having a List object with a parameter that is ENUM of type Character or VarChar, and you have imported from excel on the instance it throws an error when specifying the object.

Renaming o changing Module of referenced User Control

Issue 10653

If you have a user action that the type is a custom user control, and you change the module of the User Control (or rename it), the reference is not updated automatically.

Numeric Title Filter type overflow

Issue 10615

If there is a grid column of type Numeric (4.0), and the end-user inserts in the Title Filter a numeric with 5 digits, it throws an exception.

In order to have this issue solved, you need to change the property Optimization Number of WorkWithPlus for Web > Template Node to the value 12.