Events (without WorkWithPlus code)

A new Part was added for all objects that can have WorkWithPlus for Web generated code. This Part is named 'Events (without WorkWithPlus code)', and will display only the code added by the developers:


In this Part you will visualize:

  • Each Event or Sub that has any code added by a developer
  • The Events Start, Refresh, Load, After Trn
  • The User Actions that do not have a GXObject assigned
  • Some other specific Subroutines (on Export to Excel and PDF for example)

All the Events or Subs that have code generated automatically by WorkWithPlus will display the following comment:

'/* Generated code position - Do not remove */'

This allows you to add the user code on top or on the bottom of the generated code. If you make 'mouse over' this comment, you will visualize the code of the subroutine. 

If you make double click on the comment, WorkWithPlus will get you to the 'Events' Part, in the Event or Sub that you were visualizing

Also, if you make 'mouse over' on an end-user subroutine, you will visualize the code of it. And you can make double click to get to the subroutine itself: