Mask (v14 Upgrade #3)

Mask is a property offered for attributes and variables in order to set their edition format (mask), reco. The property is enabled from the attribute/variable as shown below:



We recommend working with attributes or variables of the varchar/character type since this property was created for this type of data.

By default, in WorkWithPlus for Web we provide several examples of ready-to use masks. For example, here is an example of the behaviour of this property:


In addition, you can create your own masks within WorkWithPlus for Web Settings --> General Properties --> Template --> Mask Options. For example, if you want to create a mask for thousand separator and decimals, you can create a new mask like the following:

  • Description: Thousand separator decimal
  • Value: #<THS>##0<DEC>00;reverse

Once a new mask is created within WorkWithPlus for Web Settings, you will be able to use it in any instance of your KB.

The following table shows the wildcards characters that can be entered for the property:

0 Only Number
9 Optional Number
S Only letter
A Letter or Number
<THS> Thousands separator
<DEC> Decimal separator

Tip: If the Knowledge Base's language is set to "Portuguese", the CPF and CNPJ options will be available by default.

For more information, visit Mask Options.