Issues Resolved (v14 Upgrade #2.2)

Association Selection does not have the correct Trn Base.

Issue 10649

When a panel is created in a transaction with the Association Selection template, the base table is not properly associated. It takes the base table of the transaction and not of the 'Related Transaction'.

Select all in Multi-row selection grid of Web Panel not of type "Selection"

Issue 10645

When having a Web Panel that is not of type "Selection", with a grid with multi row selection and the select all option, if you select one option and then you check "Select all", the selected option is unmarked.

DVelop Combo in the second level related to DVelop Combo in the first level

Issue 10642

When having a DVelop Combo in a second level, with a dynamic condition based on another DVelop combo of the first level it throws an error when applying the pattern.

Auto DVelop Combo in KB with MultiTenant

Issue 10641

When having a KB with MultiTenant enabled, the Extended Combos of FK that references Transactions with the Tenant Id in their PK are not included automatically (Auto DVelop Combo = True).

Also, when an Extended Combo is added to the Transaction (manually or automatically) that has "Load Dynamically = True", the description in Update mode is not correctly loaded.

Filter Multiple Attribute over FK

Issue 10636

When we have a foreign key with an Extended Combo associated in the transaction (manually or automatically), and we add it as FilterAttributeMultiple in the Default list, it generates the error

error src0294: Unknown function 'FromString' in the procedure <TransactionName>LoadDVCombo