ConditionalFormatting in ExportReport

The possibility to include the conditional formatting of the grid in the export to PDF was added.


In order to configure this, in WorkWtihPlus for Web Settings -> Actions > ExportReport Action there is a new property named 'Include Conditional Formatting', which needs to have the value 'True'.

Also, you can configure the format for Report files of each conditional formatting, in WorkWithPlus for Web Settings > Grid node > Property 'Row Conditional Formatting Options' > Report Format column:


For each one, you can include more than one format separated by ';'. The possible values are: Italic, Bold, Underline, BackColor:<COLOR_HEXA> and Color:<COLOR_HEXA> (i.e: Italic;Bold;Color=#F2DEDE)

The conditional formatting options supported for Report files are row conditional formatting.