Totalizers in Export

The possibility to include the totalizers of the grid in the export to Excel and PDF was added.


As for Excel totalizers, when the totalizers are sum and average, WorkWithPlus for Web will include the formula, and for the count, it will include the real value.

Totalizer in Export StandardAction (Excel)

In order to configure this, in WorkWtihPlus for Web Settings -> Export Action there are two new properties:

  • Include Totalizers: specifies whether to include or not the totalizers in the export to Excel
  • Totalizers Format: specifies the format that will be used for displaying the totalizers in the Excel file. You can include more than one format separated by ';'. The possible values are: Italic, Bold, Underline and Color:<COLOR_NUMBER> (i.e: Italic;Bold;Color=RGB(221,75,57). Note: The Color format must be set as the last format.

In new KBs, the totalizers will be enabled by default for Excel and PDF.