New Node :: Conditional Attribute Grouping in Table

A new node named 'Conditional Attribute Grouping in Table' was added for Transaction templates. This node can be added as a child of the 'Attributes' node, and the purpose is to group in another table the attributes that match the conditions.

Example: group the auditing attributes in a new panel

In order to do this, make right-click over Attributes node > Add 'ConditionalAttributeGroupingInTable'.

Then, in the node 'Cond Att. grouping in table' you need to set the condition for your auditing Attributes. In this example, the Attributes are named '<TRN_NAME>CreateDate', '<TRN_NAME>CreateUser', <TRN_NAME>UpdateDate and <TRN_NAME>UpdateUser. So, the following Regular Expression is needed:


Then, set the following properties to the Table that will group the Attributes: