Issues Resolved (v14 Upgrade #2.1)

Conditional formatting in Export in a grid based on an SDT

Issue 10635

Conditional formatting does not work well when generating an export Excel of a default list loaded with an SDT. The problem occurs because the condition of the format in the Default list is evaluated based on the &SdtName.CurrentItem.item, and the currentItem doesn't exist in the Export procedure.

Totalizers are not displayed correctly in an ExtraGrid with infinite scrolling

Issue 10634

Totalizers are not displayed correctly in an extragrid with infinite scrolling, loaded by SDT.

The totalizers are not shown in the same column in which they are applied, but are displayed to the left of the grid

Control Switch from a domain-based variable has no ability to change on/off text

Issue 10633

If we have a variable based on a domain with Control Type = Switch, we do not have the possibility to change the text On/OFF, even if it is changed from the domain, it continues with the default values. This is a GeneXus issue reported in the following SAC:

From version 14 Upgrade #2.1 this scenario will be solved with the following Work Around:

  • For attributes with 'Control Type' as 'Switch', it will copy the on/off text properties of the definition of the attribute into the layout control in the Web Form.
  • For variables, you need to set the property 'Control info' with 'Based on' and a domain with "Switch" control Type so that WorkWithPlus for Web copies to the layout control the on/off text properties of the domain.

Rating Control Type when WP based on BC Transaction

Issue 10631

If you have a BC transaction, this transaction includes an attribute based on a domain with Control Type = Rating and then a web panel is created based on the BC of the transaction, when wanting to save the following error is generated:

error src0216: 'Enabled' invalid property.

Date Range Picker in title filters when included in more than one web component

Issue 10629

If you have a web panel with more than one web component with a transaction-based listing, and this transaction has an attribute of type Date, the title column filter for the date attribute shows the date range enabled only in the first web component.

DatePicker with floating labels when using a responsive web on a phone.

Issue 10626

When having a Design System with floating labels and trying to select a Date using a phone, after picking one, the selected date is not shown until the user click on the next field.

Issue with dependant combos in BC panel

Issue 10625

When having an Extended Combo that has a condition depending on another combo, this combo has "Load data dinamically" in true and the panel is based on business component, it throws an error.

View in separate Web Panel with foreign keys as automatic Extended Combo

Issue 10624

When we create a Web Panel based on a View template and select a Transaction that does not have WorkWithPlus for Web applied, the foreign keys of that Transaction may produce an error when applying the Pattern. This occurs when the automatic Extended Combo generated for that foreign key sets a Description Attribute that is not present in the Transaction structure..

Grid with Fixed Titles and Grouping

Issue 10620

When the Grid has Fixed Titles (GridFixedTitles class) and grouping, the records do not display correctly (sometimes the pagination appears in the middle of the grid)