Runtime JS Version Checker

From version WorkWithPlus for Web 14 Upgrade #1 onwards, WorkWithPlus for Web will check that all WorkWithPlus for Web User Control Javascript files are updated in the application at runtime.

In order to do so, every WorkWithPlus for Web Javascript file will check at runtime just once that its version is the correct one.

When this doesn't occur, the following error will appear:


When an error like the image appears, we recommend updating the file <WEB_APP>\DVelop\Shared\WorkWithPlusCommon.js and the ones referenced in the error message (in the example above is 'DVelopBootstrap.js'). Then press Control + F5.

This increases a very low overhead that does not impact the application´s performance. So we don't recommend avoiding this checking process. But, if you want to avoid it, you can run the WorkWithPlus for Web Setup with the command: noJSCheck