Issues Resolved (v14 Upgrade #1)

Issue with DVelop Combo read-only "empty items" in Grid

Issue 4512

When having a grid with edit inline, and a DVelop Combo inside with empty item, every empty, read-only attributes shows the DVelop Combo empty item instead of blank.

Issue with security code in User Actions with Control Type = Image

Issue 4524

When having a User Action with Control Type = Image, a custom Functionality Key defined and ActionSecurityCheck = OnLoadAndUserEvent, the following code is generated in the CheckSecurityForActions Sub:

&TempBoolean = SecGAMIsAuthByFunctionalityKey.Udp(!'test1')
If not (&TempBoolean)
   test1.Visible = False
&TempBoolean = SecGAMIsAuthByFunctionalityKey.Udp(!'test2')
If not (&TempBoolean)
   test2.Visible = False

The proper code (added when  Control Type = Button) should be:

&IsAuthorized_test1 = SecGAMIsAuthByFunctionalityKey.Udp(!'test1')
If not (&IsAuthorized_test1)
   Btntest1.Visible = False
&IsAuthorized_test2 = SecGAMIsAuthByFunctionalityKey.Udp(!'test2')
If not (&IsAuthorized_test2)
   Btntest2.Visible = False

Issue when setting Width = 100% to an Abstract Table

Issue 4528

When having a table and assigning the Width = 100%, when saving some error appears. A validation error should be shown as it is not allowed to set percentage widths nor heights to Abstract Tables.

Issue with range picker with date format different to language default format

Issue 4529

When having a Date format different from the language default date format (for example KB Language: English, Date format: Italian), the Range Picker displays the dates in the language default date format (in the mentioned example, it displays the date in English format).

"Update" caption in Columns Selector can't be modified

Issue 4530

When changing the WWP_ColumnsSelectorButton key on the language, the caption at runtime is not properly updated.

Issue in Fixed Columns in GAM Backend

Issue 4531

In some screens, in the "Edit Columns" action the "menu name" column appears twice as "Not fixed".

Issue with DateRangePicker and Transaction template using BC

Issue 4533

When having a Web Panel based on Transaction template with BC, and you set a field with DateRangePicker, it throws an error when applying the pattern. The same happens if you set a visible condition to the variable.

Problem with popover in FreeStyleGrid

Issue 4535

When having a FreeStyleGrid and you add a popover on a variable, it throws an error when applying the pattern.

Import CSV with comma delimiter

Issue 4536

When having a CSV file where the ; isn't the delimiter, it doesn't import the records. The separator configured in WorkWithPlus for Web Settings -> Standard Actions -> Export CSV -> Delimiter must be considered.

Issue with DVMessage and Foreign key validation in Grid item

Issue 4538

When having a two-level transaction and a foreign key, when the key inserted doesn't exist, it displays two messages, one next to the attribute and another in the top of the screen.

Issue with SDT based List object with grouping and totalizers

Issue 4539

When having a List object based on SDT with grouping (Fixed or Multiple Options) and some totalizers, an error is shown when applying the pattern.

Fixed Columns Configurations not saved in DataBase

Issue 4545

When fixing columns at runtime, this configuration is not saved in the database. So, the next time you access the application, those columns are not displayed as fixed.

Click on Button outside an opened DVelop Combo (multiple)

Issue 4546

The problem occurs when the user is editing a DVelop Combo with "Allow Multiple Selection = True", and clicks a button outside the DVelop Combo before closing it, if you print the value of the combo in the button event, it does not have the value updated.

Issue with Grid Action Group after Grid.Refresh

Issue 4548

When having an Action Group inside a grid, if one of its actions has a call to a Procedure followed by a Grid.Refresh(), once the action is executed the Action Group is not properly visualized.

Flat Display of Date Picker User Control not working

Issue 4549

When displaying a variable based on a domain of type Date and the property 'Date Display Flat' as true, the variable is not being displayed in the form at all. This occurs when using WorkWithPlus for Web's Date Picker User Controls.

Issue with Totalizers in SDT based List Objects

Issue 4550

When having a List object based on SDT with a totalizer different to Count, its value is not calculated automatically.

Issue in View with attributes with DVelop Combo from Data Provider

Issue 4551

When having a Transaction with an attribute with Control Type  = DVelop Combo and Data Source From = Data Provider, in the View object, the attribute displays the Item Value instead of the Item Descriptions.

When working with Data Source From = Attributes, the Item Description is properly shown.

Issue with DVelop Combo with Dynamic Conditions in grids based on SDT

Issue 4552

When having a grid based on an SDT, and a DVelop Combo with Dynamic Conditions, the following error appears when saving the instance: 

error: Invalid Condition dynamics atts. or vars. value: &SDTAuthor.item(0).CategoryId

error: Error executing Template: WPEvents.dkt

Navigate throw DVelop Combo options using arrows

Issue 4554

Allow the user to navigate throw the DVelop Combo using up and down arrows.

Issue with DVelop Combo Variable in Transaction and required fields

Issue 4555

When having a variable with DVelop Combo in a Transaction and another field as required, if the required field is left empty and the user press Confirm button, the required message is shown correctly but the DVelop Combo variable value is cleaned