Change the width of a PopUp


Popup windows have a fixed width of 900 px by default, but it is possible to modify this value and customize the popup.

You can assign both a Fixed Width and a Minimum Width to the pop-up, for this, we identify the class that assigns this "Width". In our example to identify the class, we use the browser's inspect option:

Change the width of a PopUp

We see that the class that assigns a "min-width: 900px;" is "gx-popup-document".


In order to modify this class, we have to enter from WorkWithPlusTheme, where we identify the class "gx-popup-document". In the case that it is not found, it can be created from Custom >> Add Class:

Change the width of a PopUp 2

In the class, we can assign a "min-width" for a minimum width that we want, or a "width: auto" if we want it to adapt to the size of the content. In addition, it will be important to add these properties in "Custom Properties" with the rule "!Important" to overwrite any class that assigns a width to the pop-up:

min-width: 1200px !important;  

Change the width of a PopUp 3

Then we save the changes and execute, the result is this:

Change the width of a PopUp 4

Other properties, which are usually assigned to this class are "width: auto" (So that the popup fits the content), "Overflow: hidden" (So that the popup hasn't scroll).