Set a default value to DVelop Combo


The Dvelop Combo can be loaded with a default value.

For example, if we have Countries like "Canada", "México" and "Tailandia in a DvelopCombo, and if we select "Mexico" as a country, we want to load the City "Ciudad de México" by default. For this we can follow the next steps:

First, we can define two transactions as follow:



Next, we define the attributes CountryId and CityId like DvelopCombo:



Finally, if we already know the CityId of a specific country, in our example "México", we can set a default value to the City field "Ciudad de México".



In this case, we need to configure the event Combo_CountryId.OnOptionClicked, setting the values for CityId:

        &ComboCityId = 1
        Combo_CityId.SelectedValue_set = '1'
        Combo_CityId.SelectedText_set = 'Ciudad de México'




The result is this: