Issue with Column Filters or DVelop Combo

WorkWithPlus has the possibility to include "Column Filters" within the grid's columns in order to filter data:


In some situations the "Columns Filter" may show the "Loading Data" message instead of displaying the data properly:


These kind filters are developed by using procedures (<TRN_NAME>WWGetFilterData) exposed as REST services, so you should try the following steps in order to solve the issue.

Step 1 - URL Rewrite (only for .NET)

You should verify that URL Rewrite is properly installed as explained in:,How+to+install+URL+Rewrite

Once you install it, you have to allow WCF HTTP as explained here:,URLRewrite+-+Common+issues,

Step 2 - REST Web Services Troubleshooting

Follow the GeneXus guide to verify your REST installation:,REST+Web+Services+Installation+Troubleshooting

If the "SUCCESS" message appears, go on with steps 3 and 4.

If the "ERROR" message appears, your environment is not properly set up. You should verify it again.

If the message displayed is "This service needs an Authorization Header", take a look at the guide in the following link:,Troubleshooting+secure+rest+services

Step 2.1 - Verify your protocol specification definition

If you're deploying your application on an HTTPS/HTTP server, you should verify that the Protocol Specification Property is defined accordingly in your KB:,Protocol+specification+property

Step 3 - Generate the procedures

If the problem still happens, open the procedure "<TRN_NAME>WWGetFilterData" and use the option "Build With This Only" in order to ensure that the procedure is being properly generated.


Step 4 - Use browser console

Use the browser console in order to identify the error and email showing the browser console data.