Issue with pagination in Grid tab in View - GeneXus 17 U1

In GeneXus 17 U1, the pagination in Grid tabs in View are not properly working. The pagination shows more pages than the correct ones, so when navigating the grid it only shows the proper records, but more pages are displayed. For example, in the following scenario only 6 pages should be shown but 14 are displayed on the Pagination Bar:


As shown before, the pages are not properly calculated by the Grid.PageCount method from GeneXus:


This is a GeneXus issue that happens without WorkWithPlus for Web, that was already reported to the GeneXus team. This only happens in GeneXus 17 U1 in both Java and .Net.


There are two possible workarounds:

Option 1

Disable the "Sortable by Title" from every attribute of the grid as follows:


Option 2

Manually assign the variables in the Refresh event, by calculating the proper amount of pages (total records divided by the amount of rows of the grid). You can do this, for example, by creating a procedure where the calculation is done:



This problem is solved since GeneXus 17 build 147793 (and higher).