Enable/disable audit in runtime

This feature allows user to enable or disable audit over a table in runtime, for example using the web application.

This mechanism doesn’t disable nor removes the generated triggers from the database, triggers will execute normally according to what the user configured using the properties “Audit Insert”, “Audit Update” and “Audit Delete”, but when the trigger executes, it only audits changes if the trigger is enabled in the parameters table.

This mechanism is disabled by default, user must choose which Transactions will support this feature. To enable this feature user must set the property “Allow runtime enable”.


Once AuditPlus updates and impacts the changes in the database, user will be able to enable or disable triggers using the new “AuditTableMetadataWW” webpanel (if the user is using WorkWithPlus as the backend this option will be available in the Developer Menu).


Audit can also be enabled/disabled using the transaction, or modifying the database. For this reason, it is recommended to enable proper security for this objects.