Audited Information

Audit information is saved in the "AuditRecord" Transaction.


You can open AuditRecord Transaction to see its content.

Audited Information

For each operation made in the database (insert, update, delete, according to what the user configured previously) AuditPlus will record the following information in the "AuditRecord" transaction:

  • Date: Date and time of the operation
  • Database user: Database User that made the change. If the change came from the web app it will be the user configured in the web.config
  • Operation: Operation performed (insert, update or delete)
  • Transaction: Which transaction was modified
  • Table: Which table was modified
  • Parent: Parent level of the table. Only available when the modification was in a sublevel of a transaction.
  • Key value: Value of the modified record key. If the table has more than 1 key they will be concatenated using the character: "-"
  • Session: Id of the session in which the modification was made.
  • Extra Information: Extra information than can be added when creating the record

Also, for each audited attribute AuditPlus will record the following information in the "Attributes" sub level:

  • Attribute: Name and Id of the attribte
  • Old value: Value of the attribute before the operation was performed.
  • New value: Value of the attribute after the operation was performed.