WorkWithPlus for Audit auxiliary procedures

WorkWithPlus for Audit provides some auxiliary procedures to integrate the GeneXus KB with the Audit tables and triggers.

Save User

This procedure is used to save the application user in the audit data.

WorkWithPlus for Audit automatically saves which database user was used to change the data, but the web application user can not be retrieved this way because each application can use its own users scheme.

Open the procedure "AuditPlusSaveUser" and change the code.

Make sure you assign the variable "&SecUser" with the current application user.


Set extra info

This procedure can be used to save extra information in the audit record, e.g. which procedure provoked the record modification. User should be use this with caution, or it will produce an error.

Open the procedure "AuditPlusSetSessionExtraInfo" and make sure you assing the variable "&ExtraInfo" with the content you want to record in the Audit.