Audit settings

AuditPlus settings can be modified in GeneXus Settings view.


The following settings are available

Save triggers in file

When this property is turned on, AuditPlus will save the generated SQL sentences to a text file. This text file can be used to impact changes manually or to create scripts for later use. The file is created in the Web folder and the name is based on the property "Audit trigger name syntax" of the AuditPlus settings.

To enable this feature user must set the "Save triggers in output file" property in AuditPlus settings.


Audit procedures name syntax

This feature allows user to define the syntax for the name that will be used to create AuditPlus procedures for each transaction.

This property can be set in AuditPlus settings:


By default, audit procedures will be named using the syntax: "<Table>AuditData". This means that for a transaction named "Product", the procedure "ProductAuditData" will be created.
The tag <Table> is mandatory, and can be placed in any position, e.g: "Audit<Table>Data". Also, the syntax must compatible with GeneXus naming convention.

Transaction default properties  

AuditPlus provides a set of properties that can be used to set the default behavior for the trigger generation process for all the Knowledge Base Transactions.
The following properties are available:

  • Audit Tables default: Defines Audit property default value for all transactions. When set to 'false' triggers won't be generated unless it is specified in each transaction.
  • Audit Insert default: Defines default value for Audit Insert property.
  • Audit Delete default: Defines default value for Audit Delete property.
  • Audit Update default: Defines default value for Audit Update property.

These settings are available in GeneXus Preferences navigator:


Default behavior can be overridden individually for each transaction using the transaction AuditPlus properties:


The default behavior can be initialized when audit is enabled using the "tools -> AuditPlus -> Enable AuditPlus" menu option.
When this option is checked, audit will be applied to all the transactions of the knowledge base. This process will start as soon as the setup dialog is closed.


PostgreSQL properties

This section contains specific properties that will only be used in PostgreSQL.

Use 'Pgcrypto' libraries

AuditPlus by default uses PostgreSQL's "uuid-ossp" extension to generate GUIDs. According to PostgreSQL documentation, "uuid-ossp" extension is not being properly maintained in newer distributions. As for PostgreSQL 9.4 version "pgcrypto" extension is recommended for
generating GUIDs. For this reason, a new property in the setting was added that enables the use of this new library.


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