WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile 7 Upgrade #2

This article is an overview of WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile Version 7 Upgrade #2 features and what needs to be taken into account to adopt it. You can read more about our release process in WorkWithPlus Release Process

This upgrade includes new options and customizations during the Design System Wizard in order to have more options to create your applications. Also, improvements in templates and stencils, new hierarchical editor features, and much more.


You can download the version from


This version is compatible with GeneXus 17 and higher.


To include new templates, the user must re-run the Design System Wizard. Other features do not require further steps.

Upgrade #2.2

Release Date: 02/09/2021

  • Fixed the captions of tabs generated during the Design System Wizard

  • ImageToBase64 fixed in 'Utils' (migration to the new 'ImageManipulationAPI' it is recommended)

  • Fix in Android dependencies

Upgrade #2.1

Release Date: 29/07/2021

  • Translations added for Japanese

  • Corrupted Design System Wizard button text fixed

  • Compatibility with current "GeneXus Beta" version

  • Error while opening Image Cropper Tool on iOS devices

  • Error in Design System Wizard when the "Apply Component Templates" was used before the wizard was executed.

Upgrade #2

Release Date: 20/07/2021

New Features

General features

A new external object was added: ImageManipulation

This external object was designed to help users create and modify images in runtime, by allowing the user to apply different effects and transformations.

Please check the section 'Image Manipulation API', for more information.


New templates and stencils

In this upgrade we added some new templates:

  • 'Login with logo variant 1'
  • 'Banner and options variant 1'
  • 'Image Editor'

nativemobile_template_SDPLoginSimple3  nativemobile_template_HomeBannerAndOptionsV1  nativemobile_template_ImageEditor

And also the following stencils:

  • Home Smart Option 2


Hierarchical editor features:

Improvements property apply mechanism

The mechanism used to apply the hierarchical editor properties was completely renewed to improve performance and to prevent the instance from being marked as updated in many cases where it was not needed.

New option: 'Insert filters'

This new feature allows the user to quickly insert some special kind of filters on any panel.:

  • Tabs: Filters with a 'Tab' look and feel
  • Labels: Simple labels used as filters
  • Buttons Labels: Filters with a 'Button' look and feel

Filters can be inserted inside any table of any Panel and can be placed with a horizontal or vertical orientation.



Some examples of horizontal 'Tabs' at the top and 'Buttons' vertical left position:

nativemobile_filter_tabs_top          nativemobile_filter_left_buttons

Please check the section 'Filters', for more information.

Design System Wizard features:

Trial limitations modified

In this upgrade, the Trial version was modified so it only accepts the "Business" design system, along with the following configurations, which came by default:

  • Home: 'Banner and options variant 1' or 'Dashboard with indicators'
  • Login: 'Login with logo variant 1'
  • Menu: 'User information'
  • Register: 'Register with phone number' 

New Icons library

A new Icon library was created which is available to select at the Design System Wizard: 'new business'


Faster preview videos

Preview videos are now being cached, which makes running the wizard multiple times much faster.

New customization for Design System's creators 

New mechanisms to extend and customize WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile's Design Systems were added.

These new features allow content creators to easily customize different resources that vary with the language and also set theme class properties conditionally.

Fixed Issues

Spline chart fixed on Android

A new error with Spline and Spline Area charts was solved in Android.

License Manager now opens our new WorkWithPlus license server

When a product license is requested, the license manager now redirects to our new license system ''.

Several references to old product naming updated

Some references to the old product's naming were found in some output messages.

The solution was scanned and all the references were updated.

General translations for Chinese

General translations for the Chinese release were added.

ClientStart event removed when removing hierarchical editor properties

An issue with 'IsRequred' was provoking a situation in which the hierarchal editor continued removing the 'ClientStart' event after the instance was saved.

'CreateUserText.Tap' Not found when 'Trial' version is used

An issue with available templates in the trial version was resulting in an error in the output referencing the 'CreateUserText.Tap' event.