WorkWithPlus Release Process

Since WorkWithPlus 2021, we've changed the way in which versions are released. This change in our development process has three main goals:

  • Simplify the new version's adoption process
  • Release new features faster
  • Adequate to GeneXus release process, so you proceed in the same way with both GeneXus and WorkWithPlus

Previously, we used to release one major version by year (with all the new features) and between those versions we released minor versions with bug fixes. From now on, we'll release upgrades every three months. These upgrades will include both new features and bug fixes. Graphically, the process looks like this:


Between upgrades, if an urgent bug fix is needed, we'll release a hot fix with that specific fix. 

With this new process, a new naming of the version is also established:  <Product> Version <Version> Upgrade #<Upgrade>.<Hotfix> (Build #<Build>) 

For example: 

  • WorkWithPlus for Web Version 14 Upgrade #1.3 (Build #12657)
  • WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile Version 7 Upgrade #1.3 (Build #12657)

Wrapping up:

  • Every three months we'll release a set of new features to include in your projects
  • Technically speaking, when a new major version is released, adopting it is just as simple as adopting a new upgrade
  • An upgrade contains both new features and bug fixes. A hot fix only includes bug fixes.