Issues Resolved (v14 Upgrade #2)

DVelop Combo inside WC inside WC

Issue 10617

When having a DVelop Combo inside a Transaction set as Web Component that is inside other Web Component, after the user selects an option the following error is shown:

"No existe <Trn_Description>"

Security improvements in DVMessage User Control

Issue 10614

Security improvements were made in the DVMessage User Control.

DatePicker of type Range in Title Filter

Issue 10611

When you open the 'Title Filter' of an attribute type Date (with date range) and then instead of clicking outside the filter to close it, you directly click on the pagination bar to turn the page, when it returns To open the date filter it is shown without the 'From' and 'To' fields to enter data, only text is shown.

Issue with totalizer in Web Panel based on Transaction when using BC

Issue 10610

When having a Web Panel based on Transaction and using a BC with a level, if a totalizer is added in a grid's column, the following error appears when applying:

error: Unable to cast object of type 'Artech.Genexus.Common.Objects.Transaction' to type 'Artech.Genexus.Common.Objects.SDT'.

Web Panel based on BC with Grid Item as Switch

Issue 10609

When having a Web Panel based on BC with "Generate Save Behaviour = True" and a Grid Item with its default control type defined as Switch, the following error is shown when applying the Pattern: 

??:src0216:'ColumnHeaderClass'????? (Web Panel 'Test.TestSwitch' Events,?:52, ??:29)

??:src0216:'ColumnClass'????? (Web Panel 'Test.TestSwitch' Events,?:77, ??:29)

'Add record prompt' with &Default<DscAtt> parameter when using a Web Panel BC

Issue 10608

When using 'Add record prompt' with a &Default<DscAtt> in a Web Panel based on a BC transaction and a variable is added as a parameter to this message, when applying WorkWithPlus for Web to the Web Panel, the following error is generated:

error: Error executing Template: WPEvents.dkt

Multitenant main Transaction and Notifications

Issue 10607

When having a KB with the Notifications module enabled and multi-tenant, where CompanyId is the Tenant Attribute, and we want to apply the pattern to the Company transaction, the following happens: 

error: Error executing Template: TrnEvents.dkt.

Issue with Title Filter of type Range in Export to Excel

Issue 9603

When having a Title Filter of type Range, and exporting to Excel with some filter applied in the filter, the information of the data filtered appear in two rows.

Issue in PDF column when having a Dynamic Operator with Fixed value Filter

Issue 9602

When having a filter of type 'Filter with Dynamic Operators', and one of the operators was of type 'Fixed value', there was an excessive space saved for the fixed value description.

Issue with filters 'This week' and 'This month' of Date data type.

Issue 9601

We add a 'FilterAttribute' in a list, and the attribute is of type Date.

If the operators 'This week' or 'This month' are added to this filter, they are visible in execution, they are shown below the grid, inside 'Html_BottomAuxiliarControls'.

Issue with Import CSV with 'Wrap Values With Double Quotes'

Issue 9600

When having 'WorkWithPlus Settings -> Standard Actions -> Export CSV -> Wrap Values With Double Quotes = True" and perform an Import of a CSV file, the values are saved in the data base with the double quotes.

Issue with advanced filters in Web component

Issue 9599

When having advanced filters in a web component, this filters are not displayed at runtime

Issue with import from excel and extra params

Issue 9597

When having a selection with an extra parameter and import from excel, the extra parameter is not sended to the procedure that loads the excel.

Issue with import Excel with date PK

Issue 9596

When having a transaction with a Date primary key and import from excel, when trying to import the file it creates records with the date empty

Issue with notifications and functionality key

Issue 9595

When setting a "Security Functionality Key" to a notification, this key isn't created in the GAM Database when doing the Impact Metadata. Also, it is not considered when the user tries to subscribe to the notification.

This is solved in WorkWithPlus for Web Upgrade #2, if the Notifications module was imported in a previous version, it is needed to be reimported in order to fix the issue.

Formula in level is not triggered when using a DVelop Combo

Issue 8592

When having a DVelop Combo in a subor level grid, and selecting an item from it, if a formula should be triggered (because of an inferred attribute from the selected record), it won't be triggered until another item is selected in a new line.

Issue with title category in preview

Issue 8591

When having a web panel with a grid with title category it throws a js error in the preview.

Issue with DVelop Combo when used in a level as primary key with GUID

Issue 7591

When having a DVelop Combo that displays a GUID type field as the Input Values, and the property Empty Item = True associated with a GUID field, the GUID is displayed initially (with 000000 ..) in the DVelop Combo instead of being empty or having the value that corresponds to empty.

Empty Grid Caption with wrong look&feel on Wizard

Issue 5581

When having a grid on a Wizard web panel, and defining the "Empty Grid Caption" property, the defined caption is not properly visualized at runtime (it overlaps the grid's header).

Issue with row of titles when opening filter by column (Infinite Scrolling - grid scroll bar)

Issue 4526

When having a list with "Paging Type = Infinite Scrolling (grid scroll bar)", and we open a Title Filter, it presents a vertical scroll showing the Title Filter below the grid.