Transaction Standard Action


Standard Action node's purpose is to insert preset actions in objects generated by the pattern. In other words, each standard action will have certain preset behaviour and will generate the needed code in Events and Rules in order to accomplish it. These behaviour will be the same no matter in which instance transaction user is inserting it. For example, if we want to add a 'Trn_Enter' Standard Action node into an instance transaction object, we will know on advance that this action will confirm the transaction. That behaviour will be analogous if we add the action into CreditCard transaction, or Country.

Standard Action node is similar to User Action node. In fact, they have numerous properties in common.The difference between them is that Standard Action has a preset behaviour while in User Action it is GeneXus developer who should define and implement its behaviour.

Standard Action node has the following properties:

Category Property  
General Properties Caption StandardActionsImg02
Button Class
Include Action
Confirmation Confirm
Responsive Customization Visible (Extra Small)
Visible (Small)
Visible (Medium)
Visible (Large)


General Properties:


 Specifies the button's caption (title).


Specifies the object that will be invoked after the user clicks on the action. This field allows an empty value in which none object will be called.


Specifies the condition that will have to accomplish in order to let the action enabled.


Specifies whether the object invoked will be opened pop up or in the same page. This property only applies when the property GxObject has some value (an object to invoke when clicking in the action).

Button Class:

Specifies the button´s theme class. 


Specifies the image's tooltip which is going to be shown on the form.


Specifies the standard action's name, which will determine its behaviour. The options are: Trn_First, Trn_Last, Trn_Previous, Trn_Next, Trn_Select, Trn_Enter, Trn_Cancel, Trn_Delete, Trn_Help.

Include Action:

Specifies whether the action will be included in the form or not. If the value is <default> the answer of including it or not will be taken from the corresponding value in WWP Configuration (WorkWithPlus Configuration > Standard Actions node > 'Trn_Enter' node > Include action property).

Properties Of Category Confirmation:


Specifies whether the action will need a confirmation from user in order to continue its proccess or not. This will open a pop up with the message, title and type described in the following properties.


Specifies the message that will be shown on the confirmation pop up.


Specifies the title that will be shown on the confirmation pop up.


Specifies whether the confirmation will have two options (YesNo type) or will have the option to cancel the operation (YesNoCancel type). The labels of Yes button, No button and Cancel button are parametrized in WWP Configuration -> Labels -> Confirm Text Yes, Confirm Text No, Confirm Text Cancel

Properties Of Category Responsive Customization:

Visible (Extra Small) - Visible (Small) - Visible (Medium) - Visible (Large):

With these properties, you can set whether the Standard Action will be visible in the different browser sizes. For example, you can set that is visible when the browser is Large and not visible when the browser is Extra Small. The possible values for these properties are true or false.