Transaction Form

WorkWithPlus pattern generates the transaction form and this object will be handled as any other object generated by the pattern (Selection, View, etc.).

Lets take Person transaction instance as an example. As we can appreciate, the first node in instance tree is Transaction form.


Lets visualize a preview of the Transaction form using Preview functionality.


The Preview shows the Transaction form as follows:


Lets move the ActionGroup which contains the actions on top of the table which contains the attributes.

We visualize once again the preview of the Transaction form.


It is important to mention that the pattern generates the form of the transaction even though the transaction is structured in more than one level, and in the same way in would be generated by default without applying pattern. Whether or not the transaction has more than one level, it can be customized from the instance.

We can visualize below an example of a multi level transaction (Country has cities and each city has a set of neighborhoods):


As we can appreciate, Country is a three level transaction. That is why the second level is a Free Style Grid, and the third level a Grid:


If you want to read information about Transaction Node, follow this link: Transaction Node