WorkWithPlus Academy

Learn about using WorkWithPlus by taking our free, online courses. After completing our training, take the certification exam to become a certified WorkWithPlus professional.

These self-learning courses introduce you to and teach you about WorkWithPlus for Web, WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile, WorkWithPlus for Audit, WorkWithPlus for Business Intelligence and WorkWithPlus for VideoCall. Each course will take you anywhere from 4 to 16 hours to complete and includes hands-on exercises, so you can gain experience with our tools.


You can learn how to create web application or native mobile apps! You can focus on generating cubes to analyse your data, or including auditing to enhance your KB's security. Select your training path and start learning!

You can also join our Onboarding Program and attend a free 2 hours training where one of our experts will explain the basics about WorkWithPlus. Please check out the next scheduled sessions here.