WorkWithPlus Certified Professional

Certifications give WorkWithPlus developers recognition of their skills with the tool. They evaluate the WorkWithPlus experience and the use of its best practices.

Get your certification

Now is the perfect time to show your employer, customers and colleagues that you are a WorkWithPlus expert. With the WorkWithPlus Certification, you certify your existing experience and skills.

When approving the certification you'll be published in our Certified Developers list.

If you want to take the certification please email us to

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the exam online?

The exam is completely online. 

What areas are tested in the exam?

The WorkWithPlus Certification exam tests you in the following areas:

  • WorkWithPlus Design System Wizard
  • WorkWithPlus IDE 
  • WorkWithPlus features
  • Applying WorkWithPlus to transactions and web panels
  • Templates customization and automation

How long is the exam?

The exam includes 15 multiple choice questions in 120 minutes.

What score do I need in order to pass?

You must score 70% or above in order to be certified.

Will I get a certificate document?

Yes, you will get a certificate to print or save that indicates your achievement.

Where can I learn the required skills?

By following our WorkWithPlus for Web Online Training you'll have the necessary knowledge to take the exam.