The purpose of Order node is to define a way in which grid's records will be sorted in relation to some attributes. An Order is defined by the Order Attributes nodes inserted, their position (first, second, etc.) and the property ascending of each order attribute.

For example, in this case Order node has only one attribute, so the grid will be ordered by PersonLastName. But if we add another attribute to that Order, BirthDate for example, we have two options: set as first attribute "PersonLastName" and then "BirthDate " or viceversa. This options will display records in different orders although they have the same attributes.

We show an example of this below, by adding the Order nodes we have discuss:


Now we will visualize each grid's order of records in relation to its Order node:



Order also can be assigned to a column of the grid, so that end users can click on that column and sort the grid with that order. This is a functionality named Title Sorting (Server Side). An example of this is in Orders .

Order node has the following properties:

Category Property  
General Properties Name OrderImg05

General Properties:


Order's name. In case Orders node has more than one Order node, is the name which is going to be shown in screen so that user can decide in which order to organize the records in the grid.

In the example below, we have two Order node:


So, we can appreciate the Order's Name properties (LastName, BirthDate):