Action Group (inside Grid)


Action Group node has the following properties:

Category Property  
General Properties Caption ActionGroupInsideGridImg02
Theme Class
General Width
Responsive Customization Visible (Extra Small)
Visible (Small)
Visible (Medium)
Visible (Large)

General Properties:


Specifies the caption that will be showed inside de combo box by default (when user didn't select an option). The value <default> will be taken from WWP Configuration >> Labels Node >> property 'Caption' of category 'Action Group'.

Theme class:

Specifies theme class to be assigned to the combo box control.


Specifies the type of the ActionGroup. 

This property has two posible values:

  • ComboBox.
  • DVelop Boostrap: this type of ActionGroup allow the user to define Font Icon in each line of the action Group (included in the line which have the caption).

    To set the Icon Class you need to modify the property 'Font Icon Theme Class':



Specifies the action group's name. This property is required as to identify the group action in the form.

Properties Of Category General:


Specifies the width of the column which contains the grid action group. If you leave with 0 it will Autoresize the column.

Properties Of Category Responsive Customization:

Visible (Extra Small) - Visible (Small) - Visible (Medium) - Visible (Large):

With these properties, you can set whether the Action Group will be visible in the different browser sizes. For example, you can set that is visible when the browser is Large and not visible when the browser is Extra Small. The possible values for these properties are true or false.

You can insert user actions and Standard actions within a grid action group.

The action group showed above will be shown at runtime like the following picture:


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