Unified DevEx with Web

WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile 15 unifies its development experience with WorkWithPlus for Web. This means that you will develop using a hierarchical tree and a real-time preview, inherit most of WorkWithPlus for Web features, have templates with Update Instances and Event Blocks, and also use all the power of the WorkWithPlus Components.

With this improvement, the transition from developing Web applications to Native Mobile using WorkWithPlus will be automatic, as you will work in the same way with both products.


In the following image, you can visualize the Development Environment of WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile 15:



All the templates were migrated to the new mechanism so that you can define event blocks and make Update Instances in each template. In the following image, you can visualize an Event Block of a Template:



An example of the features that you will now have is the Required Attributes and Variables, just by setting to the element the property 'Is Required' as true and will have the same impact as this feature in WorkWithPlus for Web (include the validations with a standardized message, and set a different class in the Panel in order to differentiate the required ones)



Another example is when defining an action in the Panel, you will be able to set all its properties (caption, GXObject, etc.). Also, you can define a Confirm Message so that it runs the action only if the end-user confirms it: