WorkWithPlus for VideoCall 5 Upgrade #0

Upgrade #0.2

Release Date: 20/07/2022

Fixed Issues

Web: Unmanaged exception placing calls

Errors are now correctly managed when placing calls. The internal error is displayed in the web console, and the error event is raised so the user can react to the error.

Android: 'Read Phone State' no longer required

An error could occur in Android when receiving calls, due to missing permission for 'Read Phone State'.

That permission is no longer required.

Upgrade #0.1

Release Date: 26/05/2022

Fixed Issues

Web: Error 404 loading ringtones on some special conditions

Improvements were made to prevent errors in loading ringtones when an application is deployed on subfolders. 


Web: ServiceWorker path property

A new property was added to allow the user to change the location of the service worker.

Native Mobile: RemoteUser

A new property was added in Native Mobile control that can be used to get the "remote user-id" when a call is received.

The "user-id" returned will be the id used to start the remote Videocall client (see startVideoCallClient)

This property works the same way as the "RemoteUser" property, already present in the Web user control.