WorkWithPlus for VideoCall 4 Upgrade #0

Upgrade #0.1

Release Date: 18/01/2021

Fixed Issues

Error 404 loading ringtones

An error in javascript was provoking an error when default ringtones were loaded. 


Screen lock improved on Android

The automatic device screen lock is disabled when the User Control is displayed on Android.

Speaker interruption improved on Android

When the user receives a call in the middle of a video call, the VideoCall audio is stopped.

In this version, the speaker is temporarily disabled, and then the application will try to restore audio through the speaker (if possible).


Upgrade #0.2

Release Date: 29/01/2021


New User authentication mechanism implemented for the Web user control

A new authentication was implemented for the user in the Web user control.

With this new implementation, Sinch 'Auth JS' can be disabled in the Sinch dashboard. This option improves the security of the account.

In order to use new Authentication, the procedure "VCGetAuthTicket" must be called in the web panel Start event

Event Start

   &CallSessionId = VCGetAuthTicket(&CallSessionId, SINCH_APP_KEY, SINCH_APP_SECRET)



Upgrade #0.3

Release Date: 29/03/2021

Setup program naming updated

The setup program was updated to reflect WorkWithPlus standard naming.

e.g. WorkWithPlus for VideoCall 4 Upgrade #0.3 (Build #1234567)

Logs added in Android

Error and messages logging in the Android library were improved.

Improvements in 'Remote connection timeout' in Android

In Android, the "remote connection was lost" check was improved.

Improvements in 'Background detection' in Android

In Android, some improvements were made to detect when the application goes to the background.

Remote video freezes when a video call is initiated on an iOS device

An issue with remote frames was fixed. This issue was provoking the remote video to freeze when the call was initiated from an iOS device (incoming calls were not affected). This issue started happening on the newer iOS versions.