Create cube from SDT

A cube can be created by using attributes and so retrieving data from the database as explained in: Create a new cube

However, in many scenarios, more flexibility is needed in order to create a cube by integrating data from different sources (web services, APIs, other databases, etc.)

For example, we are going to create a cube to analyze the information regarding the sales of the company. The information is generated in another application and exposed as a web service, so we can't create a standard cube from a database table.

An SDT to store the data is created as follows:


And a Data Provider, called DPSales, is developed to load the data from the web service.

Step 1 - Cube definition

To create a cube, you should go to WorkWithPlus-->for BI-->Manage Cubes and define the required connect data:


Then, in step 2,  select the "SDTSales" and define the desired SDT's attributes to be used in the cube's structure:


In step 3, you should confirm the cube and finally, WorkWithPlus for BI will perform the following tasks:

  • create the cube's structure according to the desired configuration
  • create a procedure to generate a CSV by using the SDT's data
  • import the necessary web panels to run the cube and query it

Instead of retrieving the data from a table, the data is 

Step 2 - Customize the "BusinessIntelligencePlusCSVSales" procedure

You should customize the sub 'LoadSDTData' in order to load the &DataCollection variable with the desired data. In our example, we are going to call the Data Provider "DPSales" but you can call a procedure or load the variable straightforward inside the sub.

Sub 'LoadSDT'
    /* Add the code to load the SDT - For example: &DataCollection=DPLoadData()*/

Step 3 - Upload the data to the cube

Customize the procedure "BusinessIntelligencePlusUploadData" in order to load your data to the cube.

//1 - Uncomment the code below and copy the data from the BusinessIntelligencePlus<NAME_CUBE>Data procedure


//2 - Remove the current cube's data by using the EmptyCube or RemoveData methods


//3 - Generate the CSV file


//4 - Upload the CSV file to load the cube


//5 - Run the procedure by doing right click --> Run 
//If you want to run this procedure by command line, follow the instructions below:

In Updating data you learn further information about this step.

Step 4 - Run the cube

We're ready! Run the "WPCube" web panel in order to run your cube and query it.