Blob audit

This new feature allows users to audit some of the most common 'Blob' data types: Blob, Image, Audio, and File.

Blob information will only be stored if the blob attribute was modified, and only the modified value will be stored, this means that the user will not be able to compare changes automatically.

Before using this feature, the user must consider that auditing blob information may require a large amount of space, and therefore it is not recommended in scenarios where information may change frequently.


  • SQLServer

New structure

To allow blob audit, a new transaction was added. 


Enable Blob audit

A new property was added that can be used to enable/disable blob audit


Web Interface

A new tab is added to the web backend (either using WorkWithPlus or GeneXus WorWith). This tab will be visible only if the record has any modified blob attribute.

In this tab, the user will be able to download modified 'blob' information.