Installation ID

Installation Id

A new property named 'Installation Id' was added in AuditPlus preferences:


This property allows the user to set a numeric value which will be stored by the triggers in the table 'AuditRecord'.

This property is useful in the following scenarios:

  • Where multiple GeneXus Knowledge Bases share the same audit tables.
  • Same GeneXus Knowledge Base with different deployments share the same audit tables.

By default, Installation ID is not used or displayed in a Web interface. In case the user wants to display or use it, the attribute must be added/used manually in the installed web interface.

Allow dynamic Installation id

Installation Id by default will be a static value, meaning the trigger will always store the same value, and cannot be modified at 'runtime'. 

To allow more dynamic behavior, the user can set the property 'Allow dynamic Installation Id' to 'True'.

This will allow developer to pass the current Installation Id using the procedure 'AuditPlusSaveUser'.

This could be useful in multi-tenant scenarios, where users of different companies have access to the same web application installation.