Update your KB to Native Mobile 15

This version makes a sensitive modification in the way you work with WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile, as you will have the same Dev Ex as WorkWithPlus for Web taking advantage of the editor and its real-time preview among many other features. So, instead of using the hierarchical editor provided by version 7, you will be working with instances and Components. 

In consequence, if you were in a project using the power of the templates and hierarchical tree of version 7, if you install the new version these mechanisms are not provided any more in the same way, as you have the new IDE with its real-time preview and templates made with instances. You would have to run the Design System Wizard and create Panels using the new mechanism (the previous panels would remain as you did them but with no hierarchical tree). Therefore, migrating to the new version in an existing KB will depend on each scenario (for example, the status of the project).

If you prefer to remain using version 7 for a specific project, but you want to migrate to WorkWithPlus for Web 15, you need to follow these steps:

  • Run WorkWithPlus for Web and Mobile 15 setup
  • Run WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile 7 setup