Native Mobile 7 Editor Features

In WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile 7, we introduced a set of functionalities to our hierarchical editor, to improve application development.

Add Font Icons

We introduced the option to easily include font icons in any table of any Panel layout.

Add animations

This option allows users to easily include some animated elements in their application.

User can choose between:

  • Lottie animations: Any Lottie animation available in the theme will be available
  • Custom animated elements: A set of custom animated elements that allow interaction are available

Add styled controls

This option allows users to add some controls with a predefined style.

Predefined panel effects

Some predefined classes were added to our theme, that can be used to change the "Enter effect" of any panel.

  • Fade: Adds fade in/out effect
  • PopupFade: Adds fade in/out effect to a popup panel
  • SlideDown: Panel will appear from the top.
  • SlideDownFade: Panel will appear from the top, but will leave with a fade-out effect.
  • SlideLeft: Panel will appear from the right.
  • SlideRight: Panel will appear from the left.

To use any of these effects, the user has to assign the Form Class of the panel.

Apply the editor's properties

In previous versions, the user could turn off the property "Apply WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile on Save". In those cases, any property used in the hierarchical editor (required, visible, Font Icon, etc) would not be applied. In case the user wanted to apply any of those properties, the property would have to be turned back on before the panel was saved.

As of this version, the user can keep the automatic apply off, and apply the editor's properties manually at any time.