Try WorkWithPlus for free

WorkWithPlus provides free trial licenses, so you can try our products and learn how to use them. The trial licenses are automatically released for 30 days, and you can request them as many times as you want.


The trial licenses have some limitations according to the product. These restrictions are:

  • WorkWithPlus for Web:
    • Only one available Design System
    • KBs with up to 20 transactions 
  • WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile:
    • Only one available Design System
    • Less available templates (only one for each type)
    • Restrictions in User Controls properties or functionalities
  • WorkWithPlus for Audit
    • KBs up to 5 transaction
    • Audit up to 5 attributes per transaction.
    • Only available for SQL Server
    • Only local auditing and local backend
  • WorkWithPlus for BI:
    • Cubes are only created in WorkWithPlus´s cloud
    • Up to 5 cubes
  • WorkWithPlus for VideoCall
    • Video calls for up to 1 minute.

How can I learn WorkWithPlus?

We have the WorkWithPlus Academy where you can find free self-placed training, so you can learn WorkWithPlus and take the most out from your tests.

How do I upgrade to full version?

It's really straightforward to start using a full version!

If after your tests, you decide to purchase a full version, you will only need to request the new full license from the GeneXus License Manager. You won't have to install the WorkWithPlus setup again, and you'll maintain everything that you have developed so far. 

Do you want to see a personalized demo?

Are you impressed about what you can do with WorkWithPlus? There is much more!

If you want to learn more, you can schedule a personalized demo here.