WorkWithPlus for VideoCall Web Troubleshooting

When the video call fails in the web environment, we recommend the user to open the web browser's "Developer Tools" and take a look at possible messages that appear in the console. In many browsers like Chrome, this can be achieved by pressing F12.


ERROR 40303 User creation is disabled for this application

Usually, this error occurs when the user control tries to register the UserId in Sinch API. First, check if your application is running over HTTPS. If the problem persists, it could be due to a wrong configuration in the Sinch dashboard.

  • Check your Sinch application Key is correctly input,(make sure no spaces are included)
  • Make sure "JS Auth" is enabled at the Sinch dashboard.

ERROR 40003 Unable to add identity

This error occurs when the application tries to register a UserId, but that user is blocked by the Sinch API.

  • Check UserId for unsupported characters
  • Use a different UserId if possible
  • Contact Sinch support to check what could be the issue with that user

Error using Java Deployment unit: 'java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.genexus.commons.JWTOptions'

When using GeneXus deployment units in Java an error related to GeneXus JWT module will be displayed:

[com.genexus.servlet.ServletException: com.genexus.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/genexus/commons/JWTOptions

   at com.securityapi.genexusjwt.SdtJWTOptions.addheaderparameter(
   java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.genexus.commons.JWTOptions

If this error is shown, it means GeneXus did not copy all the JWT module's necessary libraries in the deployed application.

You can check further details in the following GeneXus SAC:

To solve this problem, you will have to manually add the missing libraries to your deployment units. The missing files "version-number" usually depend on the GeneXus version you are using:,GeneXus+JWT+Module

The following libraries correspond to GeneXus 17 Upgrade 8:

  • bcpkix-jdk15on-1.69.jar
  • java-jwt-3.10.3.jar
  • GeneXusJWT-17.8.0.jar (17.8.0 stands for GeneXus 17 Upgrade 8)
  • SecurityAPICommons-17.8.0.jar (17.8.0 stands for GeneXus 17 Upgrade 8)

To add these files to your deployment unit:

1 - Find the original .jar files in any of the following locations:

  • <Target Environment>\Web\drivers
  • <Local Tomcat Installation>\webapps\<Local WebApp>\WEB-INF\lib

2 - Add each file to the KB

3 - Set each file the property "Java Generator Extraction Directory"=".\WEB-INF\lib"


4 - Add files to the deployment unit