AuditPlus 3.1


New Functionalities:

Attribute based on enumeration "mask"

As of AuditPlus version 3.1.0, a ‘mask’ can be configured in order to modify how all attributes based on enumerated domains will be stored.  Before this feature, AuditPlus only stored the enumeration value for all attributes based on enumerated domains. The default value for this property is “<Value>:<Name>”.

This feature is available for the following platforms:

  • SQLServer
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle Database

Toolbar icons

Icons were added to AuditPlus toolbar options.

Compatibility with WorkWithPlus 12

Compatibility was added for WorkWithPlus 12


New Functionalities:


Translations were added for the Japanese version.


Fixed issues:

Error using "Character" based enumerations in Oracle (Issue number: 1272)

When an attribute is based on an enumerated domain, and the enumerated domain is of type "Character", AuditPlus fails to generate triggers.


Fixed issues:

Trigger name too large in Oracle

Oracle limits all objects names to a maximum of 30 characters. When a Table’s name is 30 characters long, AuditPlus generates trigger names larger than 30 characters which therefore can not be created. As of this version, AuditPlus will create trigger names up to 30 characters long.

Variable name too large using enumerated domains in Oracle

AuditPlus generates variable names with more than 30 characters when an attribute is based on an enumerated domain and its name has 30 characters or more. This issue only happens with enumerations, regular attributes are correctly named.


Fixed issues:

Wrong behavior using parallel transactions

If transactions 'A' and 'B' are parallel, the user could not audit transaction 'A' unless transaction 'B' was also audited, otherwise, all attributes from transaction 'B' would be audited, even if the user set property "Audit Attribute" to false in transaction 'A'.

In this version, audit of parallel transactions was improved, allowing the user to customize audited attributes correctly.

Improved error messages

More detailed messages are displayed when there is an error in AuditPlus generated procedures.


Fixed issues:

Error using nullable enums in PostgreSQL

An error occured when null value was asigned to a nullable enum using PostgreSQL.