WorkWithPlus Onboarding Training

The goal of our Onboarding Training is to give you a 2 hours free lesson where one of our experts will teach you the basics about WorkWithPlus!

By having that first approach, it will be easier for you to go on with our available online trainings. Please check out our free online trainings WorkWithPlus Academy.

Next sessions

The following dates are proposed for our next Onboarding trainings during September:

WorkWithPlus for Web

  • September 13th - 15:00 PM (GMT -3) | Spanish
  • September 20th - 15:00 PM (GMT -3) | Portuguese

WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile

  • September 27th - 15:00 PM (GMT -3) | Spanish
  • August 30th - 15:00 PM (GMT -3) | Portuguese

Frequently Asked Questions

How can attend the Onboarding Training?

By buying your WorkWithPlus license, you have the possibility to attend our Onboarding Training. For each license that you buy, two developers can assist to the session.

How is the Onboarding Training methodology?

Once you register the Onboarding Session, you'll receive by email the link to join the room where the session will be hosted. We suggest saving the event in your calendar, so you don't miss it!

During the onboarding, one of our experts will explain the most important concepts, in a two hours lesson, so you can go on with the free online training and even get our WorkWithPlus Certification

Is the best way to get started with WorkWithPlus!

Will the Onboarding Training be recorded?

Yes, the training will be recorded, and we'll share the video after the session.

In which languages will be the training provided?

We have sessions in Spanish or Portuguese. You can check the language in the session schedule.

Will other developers attend the training?

Yes! You'll share the Onboarding Training with other developers, so it's a great opportunity to meet the WorkWithPlus community all over the world!

If you have any other question, please contact our team at, and we'll be glad to help you!