Request License

Remember that if your GeneXus licenses are hosted in a GeneXus Protection Server, your WorkWithPlus licenses must be hosted in the Protection Server.

In order to Request a license using the GeneXus License Manager you have to open the GeneXus License Manager in the machine where you are using GeneXus, and select the option Authorize.


Then you have to press Request Licenses -> Authorization Online -> Select 'WorkWithPlus' product and press Finish:


You will receive an e-mail with a new gxa file. After this you should open the GeneXus Protection Server, press Authorize -> Enter Licenses -> Authorize from File and select the file that you have received and press Finish:


After making that step you will have your license successfully authorized. You will be able to visualize the expiration date, comments and you can uninstall them or transfer them anytime.