WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile 7 Upgrade #0

Upgrade #0.1

Release Date: 29/12/2020

Fixed Issues

'Beta' Text removed

The text 'Beta' was displayed in both the setup program and GeneXus Extension Manager. 

Global Code Blocks editor

An issue was solved that didn’t allow new Code Blocks to be properly saved.

‘Social Feed’ templates actions

An issue with Stencils was provoking that in some cases, the ‘Social Feed’ templates do not show the associated actions for each feed item. Source code was added to prevent this behavior.

Error selecting 'Banking' Design

A problem in a resources file was provoking an error when the 'Banking' design was selected.


Upgrade #0.2

Release Date: 05/02/2021

Fixed Issues

GeneXus 17 Upgrade 2 Compatiblity

An issue was preventing WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile Design System Wizard from creating the selected design. 


Translations added

Translations for new features and texts were added for the Japanese language.

User controls descriptions updated

Some user controls descriptions were updated to match new product branding


Upgrade #0.3

Release Date: 03/03/2021

Fixed Issues

Error using Cart functionalities in Java environments using GeneXus 17 upgrade 2

A problem with an internal GeneXus SDT is provoking an error using our 'Cart Sample' functionality. The sample was modified in order to work with GeneXus 17 upgrade 2 java environments.

Layout issues in Design System Wizard in Japanese

Some labels were clipped using the Design System Wizard in Japanese. Some small layout changes were made in the wizard steps in order to fix those issues.

Setup was displaying wrong 'Upgrade number' 

The WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile setup program was not showing the correct "Upgrade Number", it was displaying "Upgrade 2" when the correct upgrade number was "Upgrade 0.2"

The design concept was not being loaded

The Design System Wizard was not displaying the correct "Design Overview" for each Design, and instead, a "sample" text was being displayed.



Setup includes 'upgrade' and 'build' numbers

The setup was modified to display exactly what version is being installed, including upgrade and build number.


Upgrade #0.4

Release Date: 10/03/2021

Fixed Issues

Wrong category in the 'User Fitness' template

The template 'User Fitness' was assigned to an incorrect category, which was provoking the template to show up as a "User registration" panel in the Design System Wizard.

"Add animated elements" descriptions added

Several options under the "Add animated elements" hierarchical editor option were not showing the correct description.

Translations added

Several Japanese translations were added